Mortgage Rates Rise Back Above 3% - Where are they Headed?

Dated: October 17 2021

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Sunday at 2pm on Youtube Live “What Do Past Years Tell Us About Today’s Real Estate Market?”

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·         Experts Agree: Homeownership provides a Path to Long-Term Wealth (Article Below)

·         Don’t Wait for a Lower Mortgage Rate – it Could Cost You! (Article Below)

·         2021 Trends in Garden Design Article Here:     

·         The Big Question: Should You Renovate or Move? (Article Below)      

·         7 Questions to Ask a Home Inspector During Your Home Inspection Article Here:     

·         What Do Past Years Tell Us About Today’s Real Estate Market? (Article Below)    

·         Wild Flowers, Greenery and Amazing River Views Article Here:      

·         Home Buyer Tips for Finding the One (Graphic Below)     

·         Where Will I Go If I Sell My Home? (Video Below)    

·         Want to Do the Happy Dance? (Video Below) 

·         Mortgage Rates Back Above 3% (Article Below)

Do you need David Hittle as your Realtor? Does a Bear Poop in the Woods?

Do You Need David Hittle to be your Realtor? Do Bears Poop in the Woods?

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Thinking of Buying or Selling a Home?

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Expert Quotes on The FALL Housing Market (Video)

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Hearing and Understanding what the Experts are saying about one of the largest sectors in our economy is very important.

The experts predict what the future holds for our housing market and where they predict we are headed economically and socially.

Check out what the experts have to say, and if it spurs you to want to mke some moves give me a call.


Foreclosure is a very real and very scary prospect to face!

If you are in this situation, and are afraid you may lose
your home connect with David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville

He will sit down with you one-on-one and go over all the options available.

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Experts Agree: Homeownership Provides a Path to Long-Term Wealth

A recent survey from found there are multiple reasons why Americans would choose to purchase a home instead of renting. 41% of respondents say they’d rather own a home than rent because of the unique way homeownership builds wealth over time. And experts agree – the home you own is an important tool for building your net worth.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), “Homeowners who purchased a typical single-family existing-home 30 years ago at the median sales price of $103,333 with a 10% down payment loan and who sold the property at the median sales price of $357,700 in 2021 Q2 accumulated housing wealth of $349,258, . . .”


Read the Full Article Here:  

Our homes are, for most of us, our largest asset, our biggest investment, and our largest part of our net-worth. According to Dave Ramsey, our homes usually make up a majority of our net-worth. So owning a home… when you can afford to do so… is an absolute game-changer when it comes to building wealth. If you are ready to become a Homeowner, David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville is here to help give him a call at 502-489-1135


My Last Two Listings Sold in Less than 24 Hours!

My last two listings sold in under 24 hours... How?

Because David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville, uses great marketing strategies to make sure everyone who wants to see your home sees your home in the best possible light.

When you use David Hittle to sell your home, you will know you have an expert on your side that knows what you home is worth in today's market, and will work to make your home sale as easy as possible.

If you would like a FREE Home Valuation visit the link below!

Don’t Wait for a Lower Mortgage Rate – It Could Cost You!

Today’s housing market is truly one for the record books. Over the past year, we’ve seen the lowest mortgage rates in history. And while those rates seemed to bottom out in January of this year, the golden window of opportunity for buyers isn’t over just yet. If you’re one of the buyers who worry they’ve missed out, rest assured today’s mortgage rates are still worth taking advantage of.

Even today, our mortgage rates are below what they’ve been in recent decades. So, while you may not be able to lock in the rate your friend got recently, you’re still in a great position to secure a rate well below what your parents and even grandparents got in years past. The key will be acting sooner rather than later.


Read the Full Article Here        


Mortgage rates are low, even while they start to head higher as this year comes to an end. Historically, 3% is extremely low, compared to decades past where mortgage interest rates were as high as 12%. If you are going to purchase a home, this year may be last year to take advantage of the much lower rates we are seeing today. If you are going to buy, you might as well buy now and save the money that higher interest rates will cost you. When you are ready, call David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville 502-489-1135.

The Big Question: Should You Renovate or Move?

If you’re a homeowner who wants more from their current house, you have two options: renovate your current house or buy a home that already has the spaces you desire. The decision you make could be determined by factors like:

>>A possible desire to relocate

>>The difference in the cost of a renovation versus a purchase

>>Finding an existing home or designing a new home that has exactly what you want (versus trying to restructure the layout of your current house)

In either case, you’ll need access to capital: the funds for the renovation or the down payment your next home would require. The great news is that the money you need probably already exists in your current home in the form of equity.

The record-setting increases in home prices over the last two years dramatically improved homeowners’ equity.

Read the Full Article Here:


That really is the big question: should you renovate or move… If you do wish to make a move, David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville is an expert at selling homes and getting his clients into their next home, call him today 502-489-1135.

What Do Past Years Tell Us About Today’s Real Estate Market?

The housing market today is anything but normal, and it’s still an incredibly strong sellers’ market, especially when compared to the few years leading up to the pandemic. With that in mind, what can previous years tell us about today’s real estate market and if it’s truly slowing?

>>We’re Still Seeing an Above Average Number of Sales

You may see headlines about a drop in home sales. But are those headlines telling the full story? NAR does show a drop of about 2% from July to August. But the month-over-month decline doesn’t provide the full picture. Today’s home sales are well ahead of some of the more normal years that led up to the health crisis. That means buyers are still in the market, which is great news if you’re planning to list your home.


Read the Full Article Here:  

The shift has occurred; we are in the midst of the Real Estate Market shift. While more listings are hitting the market now, home buyer’s are becoming slower at grabbing them up then the past couple of months. This shift means that home seller’s will have to become more realistic with their sales prices, their homes may sit on the market for a longer period of time, they may not receive the multiple offers that we were seeing before, etc. While the shift is not positive news for home seller’s, home buyer’s are soon going to be able to take advantage of their increased leverage to get better deals than they may have been able to get before. If you are ready to sell or buy a new home David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville is here to show you the way! Give him a call today to get started 502-489-1135.

Do You Have Questions about the Market?

Do you have questions about the market? You’re not alone. Connecting with a real estate professional can help you get the answers you need and show you why today is still a great time to sell. Call or Email me so we can discuss the market and if it’s the right time for you to list your house. 502-489-1135 /

Happy Fall Ya’ll


Fall is the Cool Season for Some, but for the Housing Market it may just be as HOT as the Summer Was!!

Typically during the Fall, homeowner's and homebuyer's are not conducting too much business... But these past few years have been nothing TYPICAL!

Fall is a great season for home buyer's to catch a last minute deal, before the end of the year and the start of 2022!!

If you are wanting to get your home sold, or you are wanting to get into a new home before the end of the year, now is the time to contact David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville.

Homebuyer Tips for Finding the One [INFOGRAPHIC]

The best advice carries across multiple areas of life. When it comes to homebuying, a few simple tips can help you stay on track. Because of increased demand, you’ll need to be patient and embrace compromises during your search. Then, once you’ve fallen in love, commit by putting your best offer forward. If you’re looking to buy a home this year, Call or Email me so you have a dedicated partner and teammate to help you find the one 502-489-1135 /

United Real Estate Louisville – Top Producers September 2021

It is an absolute honor to work for a great brokerage that teaches, trains, and instills good values into their Realtors.

It is an even bigger honor to help my friends, customers, and clients to buy or sell their homes. It is an honor being trusted with that large of responsibility.

If you are in search of a Realtor you can trust, give David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville a call today 502-489-1135.

Homeownership is Still Affordable (Video)

Home buyer's prices are rising in today's housing market,

however even with rising prices homeownership is still affordable.

You should never spend more than 25% of your income on your home payment.

The historical average is 21.2% but today the average is only 17.1%.

Though homeownership may not be as affordable as it was a few months ago, it is still within expert recommendations.

If you are thinking of buying a home this year, now is the time to make your moves.

Let's connect and go over all the steps necessary to make you a homeowner in 2021!

David Hittle – United Real Estate Louisville – 502-489-1135 –

For Sale in Elizabethtown

Looking for a new home? This listing could be the one! Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions! You can reach me at (502) 489-1135.

If you would like a private showing, give me a holler at 502-489-1135

Homeownership Provides Incredible Benefits

Homeownership offers incredible benefits. From financial stability to a space to call your own, the advantages of owning a home are practical, personal, and powerful. Call or Email me today if you’re ready to start on your journey to homeownership 502-489-1135 /

Where Will I Go If I Sell My Home? (Video)

Many homeowners have realized their needs have changed over the past year. Let's connect today to discuss your options 502-489-1135 /

Don’t be Spooked by the Real Estate Market, You Don’t Have to Be Scared when you use David Hittle

The Real Estate Market can be a very scary place

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Begin your journey today, to accomplish those dreams before the end of the year.

Want to do the Happy Dance? (Video)

Ready to do the Happy Dance like Phil?

Call or Email Me "Show Me and Your Address " for your Detailed Home Valuation!

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Mortgage Rates Back Above 3%

Mortgage rates this week rose back above the 3% rate. This week arriving at 3.05% on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage.

Though interest rates are rising, today's interest rates are still historically low and offer home buyer's the opportunity to own a home with a lower mortgage payment.


Read the Full Article Here:!#.YWnjuLMnPD4.facebook


Mortgage rates will likely fluctuate as the end of 2021 draws closer, the experts are predicting however, that mortgage rates will average 3.5% next year, and higher in the years to come. If homeownership is something you have been striving for, now is the time to take advantage of the low interest rates. Give David Hittle a call today to get started 502-489-1135.


Sunday at 2pm on Youtube Live “What Do Past Years Tell Us About Today’s Real Estate Market?”

Watch Live at 2pm at


If you missed last week’s Youtube Live you can check that out here:


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Stay Up-To-Date on all the Housing Market Happenings by visiting my Facebook Page at or visit

Message from David Hittle, Realtor United Real Estate Louisville:

The experts agree that homeownership provides a path to long-term wealth. In most cases a person’s home is there most expensive asset, and is also a huge part of their net-worth. Unlike renting, owning a home allows for the gaining of equity, which is what you owe minus what your home is worth. Over the past few years, homeowner equity has skyrocketed as the value of their homes have skyrocketed. On the other hand, the renter just saw their rent rise and rise and rise. Homeownership is important and is a contributor to wealth, when purchased at a time of financial prosperity.


As Mortgage Interest rates rise the low interest rates that we have today may never been seen again. Experts are predicting a 3.5% interest in 2022 and higher interest rates in the next few years. Waiting for a different or better interest rate could cost you. For example: A $200,000 house at 3.01% (last week’s rate) would cost you $103,942.68 in interest over your 30-year loan. At this week’s 3.05% that same mortgage would cost you $105,500.17 in interest over your 30-year loan. Those .04 percentage points cost $1557.49 in interest on your loan. Those digits make a difference!


Interested in Real Estate? – Stay tuned to David Hittle’s weekly newsletter for all the latest information on Real Estate!   


If you or someone you know needs a Realtor – I would be honored to help just call me 502-489-1135


If you are interested in purchasing a home, I currently have 2 listings on the market, with what I pray will be many more to come! You can see that listings below, however if it does not fit your needs I hope you will contact me so I can get you a personalized list of homes that fit your needs!


352 Meadowview Dr. Elizabethtown, KY (Active) -

This large move-in ready Ranch home is in a prime location minutes from Ft. Knox and Louisville. This home is handicap accessible and includes 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms on 0.47 Acres. If you are looking for a home in a USDA Loan approved area, and a home that fits your current needs, this one should be on your list.


13206 Dixie Highway Louisville, KY (Active-Commercial) –


Welcome to the latest commercial property to hit the market - 13206 Dixie Highway, is looking for an investor who needs a building for their business! This building is under renovation by the current owners, but it currently inaccessible at this time due to that renovation. Seller's are working to make the building accessible so that showings and tours can be done. This property is zoned OR-1 allowing for various business to be run from this location. Conveniently located on Dixie Highway, and right next door to a Firehouse, your property is in a safe and heavily trafficked area! For questions please reach out to David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville at 502-489-1135!


2407 Bank Street, Louisville, KY (Active) -

This home is perfect for an investor looking to add to their portfolio. The home is a shotgun style, with a camelback featuring 3 Bedrooms, and 1 Full Bathroom. Other homes in the area that are being remodeled are selling for great values. If you are an investor and need a new project this one is right for you.


Please share these listings with your friends and family, and if someone is interested please send them my way or have them contact me at 502-489-1135 (Call/Text).


Looking to Sell your House! I Want to Interview for the Job! I do not pressure my clients, I’m very patient and I walk them through what all I will do! I have a 29-Point Marketing Plan for Selling Your House! If You want to Sell, I will help get it sold for you! Give me a Call Today: 502-489-1135 Get a Home Valuation Here: or a Free Seller’s Guide Here:


Looking to Buy a Home! I Want to Interview for the Job! You Do Not Pay Me! I’m Paid by the Seller’s Upon Closing of the Deal! I’m very patient and I will walk with you through the entire process! If You want to Buy a Home, I will help you get the best deal possible! Give me a Call: 502-489-1135 Get my Free Buyer’s Guide Here:


Looking to Buy a Brand New Home? I would love to set up an appointment with my favorite builder for you! Why spend the money on an older home, with its issues, and its problems when you could buy a brand new, customizable home, and receive a 1 year home warranty, a 7 year structural warranty, and the peace of mind, knowing that when you sell that home, it is a 2020 built home! Give me a Call Today: 502-489-1135


This week the Mortgage Interest Rates as published by Freddie Mac had 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgages rose to 3.05%, up 0.06 percentage points from past last week’s 2.99%, rates this time last year averaged 2.81% with 2.65% is the lowest ever seen since recording started back in 1971 and was obtained the first week of January 2021.
15-Year Fixed Rate Mortgages rose to 2.30% up 0.07 percentage points from last week’s 2.12%. Average 15-year fixed rates last year averaged 2.35%.


This week in the Louisville and Lexington Kentucky area there were 3,671 (+9) homes & condos for sale, with the average days on market sitting at 21.70 (+/-0 Days). We are now at 1.34 (-0.03 Months) months of inventory, making this a “Seller’s Market” which is under the six months needed to have a “Balanced Market”. Builder’s are accelerating their building of brand new homes, but with lumber prices on the rise, it is making it harder for smaller builder’s to be able to afford. Bigger builder’s will have to come to the rescue, if we are ever to catch up with home buyer demand.


The Average Sale Price for August 2021 was $273,072 (Down $15,995 from July 2021), with Median Selling Price being $235,000 (Down $14,900 from July 2021). These numbers are up from last year’s $267,687 and $225,000 respectively. Year over year both average sale price and median selling price were up vs. last year.


If you are in need of a Real Estate Professional someone with the heart of a teacher, rather than a heart of a salesperson I’m the Realtor for you!


If you ever have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear from you and hear about your plans for the future!


You can email me at
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For Buying Louisville Homes:    


Thank you once again, for allowing me to assist you on your homeownership journeys.

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