Should I Buy Now or Wait?

Dated: May 2 2021

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This Week’s Highlights:

·         4 Tips to Maximize the Sale of Your House.

·         Pending Home Sales Fell 10% in February.

·         Can the Housing Market Maintain its Momentum?

·         America’s Housing Market is Overheating… Everywhere!

·         David Hittle Named Homesnap’s Fastest Growing Agent.

·         Patience is Key to Buying a Home This Year!

·         Survey Finds that Home Buyer’s Want a Sense of Community and Nice Neighbors.

·         Is Home Appreciation Accelerating Again?

·         36% of Homes Sold Above List Price in February, The Highest Share on Record!

·         Should I Buy a Home Now or Wait?

·         Mortgage Rates Remain Under 3% for Another Week.

Are you Looking for your Ticket to Homeownership?

Are you looking for your ticket to Homeownership?

David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville can help get you your ticket!

Buying a home is a huge step and is part of the American Dream!

If you are ready to get on board the train to Homeownership, let David be your conductor give him a call today 502-489-1135.


Ready to Become a Real Estate Investor?

A lot of millionaires made their money through Real Estate investments.

Are you ready to try your hand at Real Estate Investing?

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4 Tips to Maximize the Sale of Your House

Homeowners ready to make a move are definitely in a great position to sell today. Despite the speed and opportunity for sellers, there are still steps you can take to prep your house to shine so you get the greatest possible return.

>>Make Buyers Feel at Home

One of the ways to make this happen is to take time to declutter. The more neutral and tidy the space, the easier it is for a buyer to picture themselves living there. According to NAR, “82% of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home.”

>>Keep It Clean

On top of making an effort to declutter, it’s important to keep your house neat and clean. Before a buyer stops by, be sure to pick up toys, make the beds, and wash the dishes. This is one more way to reduce the number of things that can distract…


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Homes are flying off the market in today’s housing market, however, buyer’s are being cautious and careful on what they spend on homes as well. If for instance the curb appeal doesn’t look good, a home buyer may skip viewing a home at all. A home seller must ensure that their home looks comfortable and cozy for every buyer that walks through the front door. If you are ready to sell your house, let’s get it on the market today, so we can maximize your sale price, and get you into a new home as well with lower interest rates! David Hittle – United Real Estate Louisville 502-489-1135


Low Inventory – What does it mean to homeowners?

In our Real Estate Market today we have Extremely Low Inventory!!

As the weather heats up, typically we see arise in inventory levels, however now is the time to get your home on the market and beat the incoming competition to the punch!

Check out these 4 Reasons Why Now is a Great Time to Sell Your House, and when you are ready to make your moves give me a holler! 502-489-1135


Check out How March 2021 was for Louisville/Lexington’s Housing Market


List of Homes with Pools

Soon the Kentucky Cold with Make Way for the Kentucky HEAT!

Do you have a pool? Do you want a home with a pool? Me Too!

We have a list of homes with pools and we'll provide it to you for FREE!

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Will the Housing Market Maintain Its Momentum?

Last week’s Existing Home Sales Report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows sales have dropped by 3.7% compared to the month before. This is the second consecutive month that sales have slumped. Some see this as evidence that the red-hot real estate market may be cooling. However, there could also be a simple explanation as to why existing home sales have slowed – there aren’t enough homes to buy. There are currently 410,000 fewer single-family homes available for sale than there were at this time last year.

Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at NAR, explains in the report, "The sales for March would have been measurably higher, had there been more inventory. Days-on-market are swift, multiple offers are prevalent, and buyer confidence is rising."


Read the Full Article Here:


The housing market is commanded by Supply and Demand, just like the rest of our economic system. Today, we have very low supply, and very high demand. This is in-turn making prices of homes rise. If we get to a point where there is no supply or too little supply, then demand may also slow down, which will in-turn cause prices to fall as well. We do not find ourselves in a bubble per-se we find ourselves way behind in the number of homes available for sale for the number of home buyer’s we have in the market today. The remedy: More Homes for Sale, as typically occurs in the Summertime, and less homebuyer demand, however the second part demand may not be slowing down until those buyer’s are prices out of the market, which is not occurring today because of low interest rates. The Housing Market is a complicated thing, do you really want to buy or sell a home without someone to guide you though it? If you need a guide call David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville 502-489-1135


Fastest Growing Agent Award!

Because of my Clients and Friends, the awards just keep coming in!!

Thank you all so much for your support of my business, and I pray that I can continue to help everyone I encounter Achieve the American Dream of Homeownership!



Looking for your new home doesn't mean you have to drive all over the city.

We have a list of homes priced under $250,000 and we'll provide it to you for free!

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Patience Is the Key to Buying a Home This Year

The question many homebuyers are facing this year is, “Why is it so hard to find a house?” We’re in the ultimate sellers’ market, which means real estate is ultra-competitive for buyers right now. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) notes homes are getting an average of 4.8 offers per sale, and that number keeps rising. Why? It’s because there are so few houses for sale.

While many homeowners paused their plans to sell during the height of the pandemic, this isn’t the main cause of today’s huge gap between supply and demand. Sam Khater, Vice President and Chief Economist at Freddie Mac, Economic Housing and Research Division, shares, “The main driver of the housing shortfall has been the long-term decline in the construction of single-family homes . . .


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Patience is very important, especially in today’s market. In today’s market the asking price is similar to a reserve price, the final purchase price is likely going to be more than that. Homeowners are also getting multiple offers on their homes, with different released contingencies, this is creating bidding wars and causing even more drama in the housing market. You can find a home, and with David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville’s help, you will find your Dream Home, but patience really is key in today’s market give David Hittle a call and experience the patience of an agent that understands the market and will help guide you through the storm 502-489-1135.


Survey: Buyers Want Sense of Community, Nice Neighbors

A new survey finds that Homebuyer's are longing for a sense of community and nice neighbors, after many of us have become isolated and separated from others during the pandemic.

Homebuyer's also value safety, higher square footage, and more outdoor space, all this makes since after a year and now more of pandemic scares and restrictions.

Are you thinking about becoming a homeowner? Now is a great time because of the low interest rates. Home values are only increasing, so waiting will wind up costing you down the road in price and in lost equity. Grab these low interest rates, and let's find you your Dream Home today!


Read the Full Article Here:!#.YIlnHoKlm18.facebook   


As a home seller, your job is to make a potential home buyer feel at home when they visit your home. If you know that your community is full of happy people, or the neighborhood hosts events and get-togethers, these are key items that homebuyer’s are looking for today, and you should certainly disclose those to all potential homebuyer’s. A sense of community and nice neighbors, the sounds like a wonderful place to me! If you are looking to sell your house, or you are looking for a new home give David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville a call, he is nice and would make a great neighbor 502-489-1135!


Is Home Price Appreciation Accelerating Again?

At the beginning of the year, industry forecasts called for home price appreciation to slow to about half of the double-digit increase we saw last year. The thinking was that inventory would increase from record-low levels and put an end to the bidding wars that have driven home prices up over the past twelve months. However, that increase in inventory has yet to materialize. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that there are currently 410,000 fewer single-family homes available for sale than there were at this time last year.

This has forced those who made appreciation forecasts this past January to amend those projections. The Mortgage Bankers Association, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the National Association of Realtors, and Zelman & Associates have all adjusted their numbers upward after reviewing first quarter results.


Read the Full Article Here:  


Home prices are on the rise, and it is because of supply and demand for homes. Today there are almost 500,000 less homes on the market than there were this time last year, and at this time last year we were right in the throws of a global pandemic!! So while the pandemic is starting to be tamed by vaccines, homeowners are still shy about selling their homes, which is causing more strain to the housing market, and more competition amongst homebuyers. We need more homes on the market in order to meet home buyer demand. If you have given thoughts to selling your house, David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville would like to help make your sale a reality, and to help find you your next dream home 502-489-1135, is the number to call to get David’s help in this turbulent market!


Tax Season is Here!

Tax Season is here, what better use for your hard earned tax refund than to use it to buy a home?

Your tax refund could just be the boost you need to help with the down payment or closing costs on your new home, and with homeownership come tax benefits too!

So don't waste your tax refund on something that won't make you wealthier, use it for something that will increase your net-worth and provide for a more stable future!

If you are preparing to purchase a home, whether it is your first, or your fifth I can help you navigate through the process and make sure that you are getting the best deal possible.

Give me a call! 502-489-1135


Home prices are forecast to increase for the next five years, and homeowners are poised to build substantial #homeequity as a result. If you’re in a position to buy a home, this is a great time to do so and begin building your net worth. Reply to this email to learn more about the opportunities available in our local market.


April Showers, Bring May Flowers! April Also Brings Home Buyer’s!

They say that April Showers, Bring May Flowers but April Showers also bring Home Buyer's.

As inventory levels increase as the weather warms up, more home buyer's are going to be looking for homes.

Will they be looking at your home? Not if it is not on the market...

If you are ready to make your moves and upgrade or downsize into a new home, give me a holler today!

I will get your house on the market and on its way to sale, while also finding you your next home!

Let's get started today, before your neighbors all sell their houses first! 502-489-1135


It’s a Great Time for Your House to SHINE! [VIDEO]     

Today's housing market makes it easy to win as a seller. Let's connect if you're ready to make a move this year.


Your April 2021 Home Maintenance & Safety Checklist

Being friends with a Realtor is great because you get all of these helpful tips on how to care for your home!

If you have a home and are looking to spruce it up for sale, I'd be happy to help you with that endeavor!

If you are looking to buy a home, at least you have these checklists to help you make sure that the home is perfect for you and yours!


The Average Price in Louisville is $373K. What’s Yours Worth?


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Should I Buy Now or Wait? [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re thinking that waiting a year or two to purchase a home might mean you’ll save some money, think again. Mortgage interest rates are currently very low, but experts across the board are forecasting increases in both home prices and interest rates. Buying a home now means you’ll spend less in the long run. Reply to this email to put your plans in motion before home prices and mortgage rates climb even higher.

Connect with David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville, to get into your Dream Home – A Home That Fits Your Needs Today! 502-489-1135


You Wouldn't Take a Flight Without a Pilot, So Why Would You Try To Sell Your Home Without a Realtor?

A Realtor is a lot like a Pilot, the Realtor is there to guide you through the process. The Realtor is an expert in helping their client’s negotiate through the processes, when they are buying or selling a home.

As a Realtor, my obligation is to serve you, and to place your needs ahead of everyone else's, even my own!

As a Realtor, I provide a lot of information for free, because I want you to see that I'm the only Realtor you need when it comes to buying or selling a home.

Check out some of the advantages you will have by selling with David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville:

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These are just a few of the services that I provide, to learn more schedule an appointment today or give me a call at 502-489-1135


2301 Bickel Road Louisville, KY 40206

I would love to show you my listing at 2301 Bickel Road Louisville, KY.


Get More Information on this home here:


If you would like more information on this home or to schedule a showing please call David Hittle at 502-489-1135


2407 Bank St Louisville, KY 40212

I have a new listing with 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bathrooms in Louisville, KY.

Check out my listing in Louisville, KY.

(YouTube Video:

If you are interested in the newest investment property to hit the Louisville market, give David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville a call today 502-489-1135!


Mortgage Rates Remain Under 3% for Another Week

Mortgage rates remained under 3% this week as buyer's continue to shop for their Dream Homes!

If you are thinking about buying a home give me a call today so we can get you into your Dream Home before prices rise higher!


If you are in the market to buy a home, now is the time to lock in these great rates before they sail away!


Read the Full Article Here:!#.YIxhfsFFkcg.facebook  


The experts have predicted that 2021 would have an average of 3.3% interest rates, but this week those rates fell under 3%. Do not allow this second chance opportunity to pass you buy, by having a rate under 3% a homeowner will be saving thousands of dollars over the lifetime of their loan. Ready to buy that next home, let’s get started today so we don’t miss the boat 502-489-1135


Sunday at 2pm on Youtube Live “82,000+ Reasons to Buy a Home Today!”

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If you missed last week’s Youtube Live you can check that out here:

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Message from David Hittle, Realtor United Real Estate Louisville:

For another week Homebuyer’s can take advantage of record low mortgage interest rates on their next home. Mortgage rates held under 3% again this week meaning that Homebuyer’s will pay less in interest over the lifetime of their mortgage. It is also good news for Homeseller’s because it may allow more buyer’s to see their homes, meaning more offers and more bidding wars, both things good for homeseller’s.

This Week was also Derby day, I hope everyone had a great Derby and that it brings us all hopes of being nearer to each other once again, after this crazy pandemic comes to an end. I hope everyone won big money on the horses!


If you or someone you know needs a Realtor – I would be honored to help just call me 502-489-1135


If you are interested in purchasing a home, I currently have 2 listings on the market, with what I pray will be many more to come! You can see that listings below, however if it does not fit your needs I hope you will contact me so I can get you a personalized list of homes that fit your needs!


2301 Bickel Road, Louisville, KY -

This home is near all the amenities you could ever ask for. From Food, to Sports, to Entertainment to the Downtown scene; this home is near it all and would make for a great rental home or starter home for someone looking to be near the fun of our city!


2407 Bank Street, Louisville, KY -

This home is perfect for an investor looking to add to their portfolio. The home is a shotgun style, with a camelback featuring 3 Bedrooms, and 1 Full Bathroom. Other homes in the area that are being remodeled are selling for great values. If you are an investor and need a new project this one is right for you.


Please share these listings with your friends and family, and if someone is interested please send them my way or have them contact me at 502-489-1135 (Call/Text).


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