3 Things to Prioritize When Selling Your House

Dated: May 30 2021

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Sunday at 2pm on Youtube Live “3 Things to Watch for When Selling Your House”

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This Week’s Highlights:

·         Looking for Investment Properties? Click Here: https://tinyurl.com/3mcmm65h

·         Looking for Homes with Pools? Click Here: https://myre.io/0HpDFCNj5add

·         Looking for Homes Listed Under $250,000? Click Here: https://myre.io/0cDLdFkXxc7r  

·         3 Things to Watch When Selling Your House

·         Where do Experts say the Housing Market is Heading?

·         New Housing Market Records set for Prices, Competition and Speed

·         Buying a Home is Still Affordable.

·         How Misunderstandings About Affordability Could Cost you.

·         Contract Signings Fall as the Market Awaits more Inventory.

·         Cash in on Today’s Housing Demand by Selling Your Second Home.

·         David Hittle awarded 2020 Excellence in Client Service Award.

·         Millennials Fuels Home Price Gains.

·         Homes Across the Country are Selling Fast.

·         Americans Expect Home Prices to Rise; Divided on Buying Now.


Ready to get on the Train to Homeownership?

Are you looking for your ticket to Homeownership?

David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville can help get you your ticket!

Buying a home is a huge step and is part of the American Dream!

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3 Things To Prioritize When Selling Your House


>>Price Your House Right

When inventory is low, like it is in the current market, it’s common to think buyers will pay whatever we ask when setting a listing price, but that’s not always true. Even in a sellers’ market, listing your house for the right price will maximize the number of buyers that see your house. This creates the best environment for bidding wars, which are more likely to increase the final sale price. A real estate professional is the best person to help you set the best price for your house.

>>Keep Your Emotions in Check

Today, homeowners are living in their houses for a longer period of time. Since 1985, the average time a homeowner owned their home, or their tenure, has increased from 5 to 10 years. This is several years longer than what used to be the historical norm.


Read the Full Article Here: https://bit.ly/3vC4aSf                  


Being a Home Seller today is in most cases an amazing experience, in today’s market you likely will receive 4 or more offers on your house. You will likely make more money than your actual list price. You will likely see a ton of people show up to open houses and showings. These are the great things that you will see when you sell your house! If you are ready to make your move, let David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville help today 502-489-1135!


Ready to Become a Real Estate Investor?

A lot of millionaires made their money through Real Estate investments.

Are you ready to try your hand at Real Estate Investing?

Check out my list of homes, perfect for an investor to renovate, remodel, and re-sell.


Check Out the List Here: https://davidhittle.unitedkentuckymls.com/index?advanced=1&display=Louisville&areas%5B%5D=city:Louisville&beds=0&baths=0&min=2&max=50000&minacres=0&maxacres=3000&minfootage=0&maxfootage=30000&walkscore=&yearbuilt=0&options%5B%5D=fixer&sortby=listings.listingdate+DESC&ppc=FB&addht=louinvestors&agency_photos=0&view_timing=2


If you are ready to become a Real Estate Investor, contact David to learn more 502-489-1135!

List of Homes with Pools

As Spring Heats up and the Kentucky Summer Hits with Full Force, you will be telling yourself one thing...

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Where Do Experts Say the Housing Market Is Heading?

As we enter the middle of 2021, many are wondering if we’ll see big changes in the housing market during the second half of this year. Here’s a look at what some experts have to say about key factors that will drive the industry and the economy forward in the months to come.

realtor.com: “. . . homes continue to sell quickly in what’s normally the fastest-moving time of the year. This is in contrast with 2020 when homes sold slower in the spring and fastest in September and October. While we expect fall to be competitive, this year’s seasonal pattern is likely to be more normal, with homes selling fastest from roughly now until mid-summer.”


Read the Full Article Here: https://bit.ly/3fzccpp


Check out what the experts have to say about the housing market on a national level, and then reach out to David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville to learn about the housing market in your particular area. You Should Never Sell, Before You Have the Intel! 502-489-1135


Fastest Growing Agent Award!

Because of my Clients and Friends, the awards just keep coming in!!

Thank you all so much for your support of my business, and I pray that I can continue to help everyone I encounter Achieve the American Dream of Homeownership!



Looking for your new home doesn't mean you have to drive all over the city.

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Buying a Home Is Still Affordable

There are three main factors that go into determining how affordable homes are for buyers:

>>Mortgage Rates

>>Mortgage Payments as a Percentage of Income

>>Home Prices

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) produces a Housing Affordability Index. It takes these three factors into account and determines an overall affordability score for housing. According to the index, homes are more affordable now than they’ve been at any point since the housing crash when distressed properties (foreclosures and short sales) dominated the market. Those properties were sold at large discounts not seen before in the housing market for almost one hundred years.


Read the Full Article Here: https://bit.ly/34xVosx


Buying a home really is still affordable, while this market takes patience to find the right home, and the home that we can get an accepted offer on, homes are still affordable for most buyers. There are a number of reasons for why homes are so affordable but they primarily surround, Mortgage Rates being near historic lows, even today! Mortgage payments due to the low interest rates are a lower percentage of income as wages rise. And home prices, while home prices are going up, it just means that the homebuyer will gain equity much faster than they would previously! Now is a great time to buy a home, because the experts and myself do not see home prices slipping any time soon. Home prices are only going to continue to rise meaning you must act now before you are priced out. If you are ready to make your move give David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville a call today 502-489-1135


Tax Season is Here!

Tax Returns are In! What better use for your hard earned tax refund than to use it to buy a home?

Your tax refund could just be the boost you need to help with the down payment or closing costs on your new home, and with homeownership come tax benefits too!

So don't waste your tax refund on something that won't make you wealthier, use it for something that will increase your net-worth and provide for a more stable future!

If you are preparing to purchase a home, whether it is your first, or your fifth I can help you navigate through the process and make sure that you are getting the best deal possible.

Give me a call! 502-489-1135


How Misunderstandings about Affordability Could Cost You

There’s a lot of discussion about affordability as home prices continue to appreciate rapidly. Even though the most recent index on affordability from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows homes are more affordable today than the historical average, some still have concerns about whether or not it’s truly affordable to buy a home right now.

When addressing this topic, there are various measures of affordability to consider. However, very few of the indexes compare the affordability of owning a home to renting one.


Read the Full Article Here: https://bit.ly/3uy6E2L      


This is where having a professional Realtor on your side, with a heart of a teacher comes into play. David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville has been helping clients for almost 2 years now find their Dream Homes, and negotiate this market. He has a passion for helping everyone he encounters make their moves. If you are ready to make your moves and want someone to guide you on your path contact David today 502-489-1135!


Choose an Agent with Excellent Customer Service, That’s Me!!

When you are looking for a Realtor make sure you choose one that has Excellent Customer Service!

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April Showers, Bring May Flowers! April Also Brings Home Buyer’s!

They say that April Showers, Bring May Flowers but April Showers also bring Home Buyer's.

As inventory levels increase as the weather warms up, more home buyer's are going to be looking for homes.

Will they be looking at your home? Not if it is not on the market...

If you are ready to make your moves and upgrade or downsize into a new home, give me a holler today!

I will get your house on the market and on its way to sale, while also finding you your next home!

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Cash In on Today’s housing demand by selling your Second Home. [VIDEO]


This is a great time to cash in on an unprecedented demand for houses. Let's connect if you're ready to liquidate your portfolio while buyers are actively in the market 502-489-1135.


Your May 2021 Home Maintenance & Safety Checklist

Whether it is Spring Cleaning, or Preparing your House for Sale, this checklist of Safety is bound to help you make the most of your time.

Check out the list above, and if you are preparing to sell your house, give David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville a call today.


The Average Price in Louisville is $373K. What’s Yours Worth?


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Homes Across the Country Are Selling Fast [INFOGRAPHIC]

In today’s whirlwind real estate market, houses are selling at astonishing speed – from sea to shining sea. Four years ago, the average house spent 39 days on the market. Two years ago, homes were on the market for about 24 days. Today, that number has dropped to just 17 short days. If you’re looking to sell your house quickly and on the best possible terms, today’s market can’t be beat.

Connect with David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville, to get into your house sold fast, and you into your Dream Home – A Home That Fits Your Needs Today! 502-489-1135 shopkentuckyhomes@gmail.com


2407 Bank St Louisville, KY 40212

I would love to show you my listing at 2407 Bank St Louisville, KY.

(YouTube Video: https://youtube.corelistingmachine.com/youtube/Z9JUEG)

Get More Information on this home here: https://tour.corelistingmachine.com/tour/titan/?id=6817171&reg=true&_seoAddress=2407-Bank-St-Louisville-KY-1584156


You Wouldn't Take a Flight Without a Pilot, So Why Would You Try To Sell Your Home Without a Realtor?

A Realtor is a lot like a Pilot, the Realtor is there to guide you through the process. The Realtor is an expert in helping their client’s negotiate through the processes, when they are buying or selling a home.

As a Realtor, my obligation is to serve you, and to place your needs ahead of everyone else's, even my own!

As a Realtor, I provide a lot of information for free, because I want you to see that I'm the only Realtor you need when it comes to buying or selling a home.

Check out some of the advantages you will have by selling with David Hittle with United Real Estate Louisville:

FREE Home Valuation: https://davidhittle.unitedkentuckymls.com/.../992d3031d77...

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FREE APP to Search for Your Next Home (Best Opened on a Phone): davidhittle.unitedkentuckymls.com/app.php

These are just a few of the services that I provide, to learn more schedule an appointment today or give me a call at 502-489-1135


2301 Bickel Road Louisville, KY 40206

I would love to show you my listing at 2301 Bickel Road Louisville, KY.


Get More Information on this home here: https://tour.corelistingmachine.com/tour/titan/?id=6495870&reg=true&_seoAddress=2301-Bickel-Rd-Louisville-KY-1567539


If you would like more information on this home or to schedule a showing please call David Hittle at 502-489-1135


Sunday at 2pm on Youtube Live “3 Things to Watch for When Selling Your House”

Watch Live at 2pm at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE-LIrX743JkjfaZyBWCHRA


If you missed last week’s Youtube Live you can check that out here:

View the Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUWz5RZgU9A       


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Message from David Hittle, Realtor United Real Estate Louisville:

This week one of my clients finally received an accepted offer and will be moving in to their Dream Home this week. The struggle is real!! Making an offer, getting countered, almost getting rejected, and eventually getting through repairs, appraisals and closing all in about 40 days. It is a fast moving market, and everyone must be on their toes!

The experts predict that home prices will continue to rise, which means waiting to buy may cost you in the long run. Actually getting into a home today means you get to take advantage of the equity that is building in your home every single month!

Here in Louisville the average home gained just over $3,000 between March and April and average selling price rose over $8,000 between March and April. Homeowners are gaining value in their homes with an annual average last year of 9%. While interest rates remain low, and home buyer’s are slamming the market we remain in a RED HOT Seller’s Market.  


If you or someone you know needs a Realtor – I would be honored to help just call me 502-489-1135


If you are interested in purchasing a home, I currently have 2 listings on the market, with what I pray will be many more to come! You can see that listings below, however if it does not fit your needs I hope you will contact me so I can get you a personalized list of homes that fit your needs!


2301 Bickel Road, Louisville, KY - https://davidhittle.unitedkentuckymls.com/property/94-1567539-2301-Bickel-Rd-Louisville-KY-40206

This home is near all the amenities you could ever ask for. From Food, to Sports, to Entertainment to the Downtown scene; this home is near it all and would make for a great rental home or starter home for someone looking to be near the fun of our city!


2407 Bank Street, Louisville, KY - https://davidhittle.unitedkentuckymls.com/property/94-1584156-2407%20Bank%20St-KY-40212

This home is perfect for an investor looking to add to their portfolio. The home is a shotgun style, with a camelback featuring 3 Bedrooms, and 1 Full Bathroom. Other homes in the area that are being remodeled are selling for great values. If you are an investor and need a new project this one is right for you.


Please share these listings with your friends and family, and if someone is interested please send them my way or have them contact me at 502-489-1135 (Call/Text).


Looking to Sell your House! I Want to Interview for the Job! I do not pressure my clients, I’m very patient and I walk them through what all I will do! I have a 29-Point Marketing Plan for Selling Your House! If You want to Sell, I will help get it sold for you! Give me a Call Today: 502-489-1135 Get a Home Valuation Here: https://davidhittle.unitedkentuckymls.com/sell.php or a Free Seller’s Guide Here: https://www.simplifyingthemarket.com/en/sellers/?a=489398-03f53f0576489362a12f29c9abd81b9a


Looking to Buy a Home! I Want to Interview for the Job! You Do Not Pay Me! I’m Paid by the Seller’s Upon Closing of the Deal! I’m very patient and I will walk with you through the entire process! If You want to Buy a Home, I will help you get the best deal possible! Give me a Call: 502-489-1135 Get my Free Buyer’s Guide Here: https://www.simplifyingthemarket.com/en/buyers/?a=489398-03f53f0576489362a12f29c9abd81b9a


Looking to Buy a Brand New Home? I would love to set up an appointment with my favorite builder for you! Why spend the money on an older home, with its issues, and its problems when you could buy a brand new, customizable home, and receive a 1 year home warranty, a 7 year structural warranty, and the peace of mind, knowing that when you sell that home, it is a 2020 built home! Give me a Call Today: 502-489-1135


This week the Mortgage Interest Rates as published by Freddie Mac fell to 2.95%, down 0.05 percentage points from last week’s 3.00%, they are closing in on last year’s 3.15%. 2.65% is the lowest ever seen since recording started back in 1971 and was obtained the first week of January 2021.


This week in the Louisville and Lexington Kentucky area there were 3,251 (+23) homes & condos for sale, with the average days on market sitting at 29.80 (+/-0.00 Days). We are now at 0.95 (-0.01 Months) months of inventory, making this a “Seller’s Market” which is under the six months needed to have a “Balanced Market”. Builder’s are accelerating their building of brand new homes, but with lumber prices on the rise, it is making it harder for smaller builder’s to be able to afford. Bigger builder’s will have to come to the rescue, if we are ever to catch up with home buyer demand.


The Average Sale Price for April 2021 was $257,630 (Up $3,464 from March 2021), with Median Selling Price being $223,500 (Up $8,500 from March 2021). These numbers are up from last year’s $235,494 and $200,000 respectively. Year over year both average sale price and median selling price were up vs. last year.


If you are in need of a Real Estate Professional someone with the heart of a teacher, rather than a heart of a salesperson I’m the Realtor for you!


If you ever have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear from you and hear about your pla

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